5 Tips to choose the best Luxury Sunglasses

Your sunglasses can make or break the appeal of your signature look. So, don’t take the choice lightly. Here are some tips on how to invest in a pair of luxury sunglasses to seriously elevate your look.
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Stick to the Classics

Following fashion can elevate your style when it comes to your wardrobe. However, it can be a risk when it comes to sunglasses. Super modern designs as well as oversized frames may be considered fashionable purchases but they hardly convey an air of fine luxury. Instead go for frames that have a universal appeal and you can wear with almost all outfits. Classic-style sunglasses like sophisticated cat eye and universally flattering wayfarers can complement most outfits.  They also look awesome on most face shapes as they are less angular and not overly rounded.

Go for High Quality Lenses

Sunglasses may be the ultimate accessory to make a fashion statement, yet their core purpose is to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. So, focus on their function as well as form when choosing the right one. Experts say ssunglasses offer total protection from both UVB and UVA rays. Although UVB is known to be more harmful to skin and eyes, doctors suggest to avoid both types of rays. Zeiss lenses are best quality in the market today. And you will find them in all Max Dilon sunglasses.

Choose the Optimum Size

When it comes to sunglasses, the larger the frame, the more protection you will get. Small, narrow frames offer less protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  On the other hand, an oversized frame on a small face can ruin your overall look, and a small frame on a large face is unflattering as well. So, make sure the frame size you choose looks fantastic on the size of your face. One should try different frames to ensure the bridge, length of arms and lens suit the face size. Overall, people with a small face should opt for frames with lenses of about 52mm. And lenses of about 54mm width flatter faces that are large or round.

Respect your Face Lines

When shopping for sunglasses, the rule of thumb is to choose a pair that is the opposite shape of your face type.  The more square-shaped faces should buy rounded or curvy frames. The more round- shaped faces are flattered by more square and rectangular frames. Aviator or cat-eye styles are highly recommended for heart-shaped faces and faces with square jawline. And people with oval face shapes can get any of the above-mentioned frame styles. The shape of your frames plays the key role in the overall appeal of your eyewear, so pay attention. Check out Max Dilon selection for sunglasses that flatter most face shapes.

Allow your hair color to guide you

Hair color is another key factor contributing to the overall appeal of your eyewear. By considering your hair color when buying sunglasses, you can go for an elegant frame style and lenses to make a striking fashion statement. Overall, dark shades for light-colored hair create an appealing contrast. For example, people with light hair can opt for a total black frame with gray gradient lenses and gold details. For dark-haired individuals, glossy black frames can also create a simple yet powerful look especially if they are combined with colored lenses.

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