Our Vision

Max Dilon is a group of fashion designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

With a deep love for Nature, Wildlife and Cutting-Edge Technologies.

Our goal is to create fashion jewelry and eyewear of high end designs and powerful styles

that flatter women in the most natural and effortless way.

Our Jewelry

Gorgeous to look at and easy to wear, every Max Dilon product begins with a pattern, a shape or the color palette of our planet’s flora and fauna. Our jewelry goes through various stages of design, experimentation with materials and stones, as well as crafting techniques in order to achieve the desirable metal tones and brilliance naturally blending with most skin tones.

“We specialize in handcrafting jewelry flattering for all skin tones, face shapes and necklines even without make up.”

Every single max Dilon piece is designed and manufactured with the busy modern woman in our mind, who most often doesn’t have the time and energy to put on make- up or style elaborately her clothing before she leaves the house. Wearing Max Dilon pieces guarantees that she looks effortlessly chic, feminine and powerfully attractive whether in a simple T-Shirt and jeans or more formal outfits.

Production & Materials

Max Dilon team designs and fashions most of the pieces in-house. Then, our designs are handcrafted in different parts of Eastern Europe depending on the demands of the crafting techniques and the artistry for each piece so as to ensure a high quality end product.

“We have selected mostly small factories in Greece, Italy and Cyprus with long tradition and high expertise in handcrafting jewelry of minimal design and powerful performance.”

Our materials originate from many parts of the world. We make consistent effort to work with suppliers who provide precious stones, pearls as well as metals mined with ethical and transparent procedures. Our precious stones mostly come from India and Southwest Africa. Our freshwater cultured pearls come from family-owned pearl farms in China, Japan and Vietnam. Our metals, recycled and newly-mined, come from suppliers from different parts of the world, who are certified for best practices and transparent supply chain.





Max Dilon Eyewear

Max Dilon views sunglasses as the ultimate fashion accessory for every individual.

“Our goal is to create premium eyewear of powerful styles and high performance.”

Every Max Dilon design strikes the perfect balance between high optical quality and smart luxury. Expertly handcrafted in Europe, our sunglasses combine high end fashion with a comfortable fit. Faithful to our love for Luxury, Fashion and Nature, all the models of our collection feature designs and color palettes inspired by the wildlife and the colourway of various wild habitats in the world. All Max Dilon models are designed exclusively in-house by our team and manufactured in high technology factories in different parts of Europe.



Max Dilon has a very honest approach to sustainability. We know that reconciling fashion with zero emissions and zero waste is one of the greatest challenges in fashion. However, our production model, raw materials and supply chains are carefully selected so as to ensure a high level of control over our impact on the environment as a company.

“The key mind set of Max Dilon behind every product and every process in minimalism.”

“Less is More” when it comes to high quality for us.

And so, our creative process takes place exclusively in-house so that energy and resources are kept at minimum levels. Our production lines are carefully selected workshops and factories certified for green processes and low waste. Finally, despite the fact that our raw materials (gemstones, metals, lenses) come from different parts of the world, we aim at working with partners that have a reputation for high quality materials and transparency in their supply chain traceability for metals and precious stones.

Max Dilon Jewelry


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